International – Additional Services

In addition to our range of export and import services, we offer a number of services to meet your other international shipping requirements.


Our Same Day service offers a premium service for those emergency items that just have to be there today. For deliveries in the shortest possible timeframe – whether you’re shipping within Ireland, Europe or further afield, this is the quickest and safest method of getting something from A to B.

  • DHL JETLINE is a fully flexible service, immediate pick-up and a door-to-door delivery by way of the next commercial, network or chartered flight. The shipment is unaccompanied by DHL personnel, during the flight and retrieval process. Delivery to and from the airport is completed by DHL personnel.
  • DHL SPRINTLINE is a fully flexible service with an immediate pick-up available for domestic and international shipments, providing door-to-door delivery by way of a dedicated ground vehicle, within the shortest possible time. The shipment is always accompanied.
  • DHL SECURELINE is a fully flexible service with an immediate pick-up; exporting on a door-to-door delivery basis by way of an on-board courier or chartered aircraft for the highest level of security, within the fastest possible time. The shipment is always accompanied.

All services are available 24/7, 365 days a year For further information on our Same Day services within the Republic of Ireland, simply call 1850 33 11 66.


Not all shipments require the speed, security and track and trace visibility provided by one of our Express delivery services. On these occasions, DHL GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS is the ideal solution. This convenient and easy-to-use international mail service for business or personal correspondence and low-value goods up to a maximum weight of 2kg.

Benefits of this convenient and economical international mail service includes:

  • Easy to use – no sorting, counting or weighing of individual items
  • Free collections – by your DHL Express courier
  • Convenient – appears on the same account and invoice as your courier shipments
  • Reliable – consistent transit times, independently monitored and audited

Choose us as your dependable partner, today, tomorrow and far into the future for all your international shipping needs.

For further information on DHL GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS services within the Republic of Ireland, simply call Brian on 086 257 7916.