Optional Services

Optional Services will make shipping with DHL easy

Shipment Insurance

The provision at individual shipment level, of declared value coverage above Standard Liability, for the amount necessary to repair or replace a shipment /piece in the unlikely event of physical loss or damage.

It’s important to note that DHL’s liability is limited in accordance with its terms and conditions. Liability is based on the weight of the goods, which may be considerably lower than the actual cost of replacement.

If you think this liability cover is insufficient, DHL Express encourages you to protect yourself against potential loss or damage by purchasing Shipment Insurance. (Charge: 1% of value of the goods, minimum charge €10.00)

Saturday delivery

The delivery of a shipment/piece on a Saturday, to selected postal/zip code areas that have the capability, in countries where Saturday is not a normal working day. Simply call DHL Express customer service on 1890 725 725 (+353 1 870 0790 if you’re calling from outside of the Republic of Ireland) to check availability to your selected destination. (Charge €40.00 per shipment)

Duties and taxes paid

With our standard service offering, any duties and taxes payable in the destination country are charged to the Receiver (i.e. Duties and Taxes Unpaid). Our Duties and Taxes Paid service allows these charges to be invoiced to the Shipper or a nominated third party outside the destination country, rather than the Receiver at destination. This service is ideal for Shippers wanting to sell on an all-inclusive price basis or when you want to ensure the Receiver does not face any unexpected charges, for example, when sending a gift. (Charge €18.00 or 2% of the duties and taxes if higher).

Go Green

As a major contributor to greenhouse gases worldwide, the logistics and transportation sector has a pivotal role to play in creating a low-carbon economy. DHL Express recognises this responsibility and is committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment, both through the actions we’re taking as an organisation to reduce our own emissions, but also by offering our customers innovative services to help them assess and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our range of GOGREEN services include:

GOGREEN Climate Neutral: We measure the carbon emissions generated by your shipments and then ‘offset’ those emissions by contributing to climate protection projects through the purchase of carbon credits. The service provides customers with an environmentally responsible shipping option together with an annual certificate and quarterly reporting which states the total amount of CO2 offset. (Charge €0.10 per kilo, minimum charge €0.10 per shipment).

GOGREEN Carbon Footprint: This service is ideal for customers who want to manage their own carbon emissions or for those who want to first get a view of their carbon emissions before deciding upon the right solution. The result is a detailed report on the carbon emissions generated, quarterly and annually, with reporting available by trade lane, by destination, by period of time, by account number and by service used. (Charge €2,000 per annum).

GOGREEN Carbon Estimate: This service provides a high-level estimate of the carbon emissions generated by your shipments, derived by using global averages. The output is a one-off report covering a three month period. (Charge €200 per annum).

Dangerous Goods services

Dry Ice: The handling and transportation of Dry Ice (UN1845) used as a freezing agent for goods that are sent on either the DHL air or road network or on commercial airlines. (Charge €10.00 per shipment).

Dangerous Goods Excepted Quantities: The handling and transportation of substances and commodities classified as Excepted Quantities in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) and permitted on passenger aircrafts, or in accordance with ADR for road only transport. Max piece weight 1kg. (Charge €5.00 per shipment).

Dangerous Goods Limited Quantities: The ground handling and transportation of substances and commodities classified as Limited Quantities to the limits of ADR that are restricted from air transportation. Only possible with ground transport mode. (Charge €20.00 per shipment).

Lithium Ion Battery: The handling and transportation of shipments containing regulated Lithium batteries either on the DHL Aviation or road networks or on Commercial airlines. (Charge €5.00 per shipment).

Full Dangerous Goods: The handling and transportation of substances and commodities classified as Dangerous Goods either on the DHL air network or on Commercial airlines in accordance to IATA Dangerous Goods regulations. Can exceed Excepted Quantities but are still transported by air, e.g. DG class 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 commodities, according to IATA regulations. Limited to a max 30kg piece weight and single piece shipments. (Charge €80.00 per shipment).

Customs services

DHL Express standard customs clearance is included in your door to door price on your tariff guide. In certain circumstances you may have a requirement to use some of our optional customs services, which have an additional fee. Services, such as Hand Over to Broker, Payment Deferment, Clearance Authorisation, Bonded Storage and Brokerage services are among the optional customs services available to our customers.