Packing advice

To ensure that your shipments travel safely and securely through the DHL Express global network, it is important that they are packaged and labelled correctly.

Packaging Guidelines

  • If you’re reusing envelopes or boxes, please ensure that old labels and markings are removed.
  • Securely affix the Waybill to the shipment. The Waybill can be thought of as the shipment’s airline ticket and if it becomes separated from your shipment, it will delay delivery.
  • The barcodes on the Waybill are scanned at numerous points during your shipment’s journey. Please ensure the barcode is flat and not covered by tape, shrink wrap or strapping.
  • Place the Waybill on the top or side of your shipment and please ensure it doesn’t overlap the corners or edges of boxes.
  • Use adequate protective wrapping for fragile or delicate items and ensure they’re packed as far away as possible from the corners of boxes.
  • To prevent injury to our staff, please pay special attention to the packaging of sharp items. There shouldn’t be any possibility of the contents piercing the packaging.
  • Any individual pieces over 70kg should be placed on a pallet. If you’re sending a multi-piece shipment, it’s not necessary to place the individual pieces on a pallet unless they exceed 70kg. For example, a shipment comprising four 25kg pieces doesn’t have to be placed on a pallet.

Packing advice

DHL Packaging

We offer a range of high quality DHL branded packaging items, suitable for shipping items of all shapes and sizes. The items available include:

  • Flyer bags
  • Cardboard document envelopes
  • Boxes in a range of sizes
  • Tubes
  • Bottle boxes

DHL Packing