Pro-forma invoices

A pro-forma invoice must be used for items like gifts, samples or items not for re-sale.

A pro-forma invoice must contain the following information:

  • Full name and postal address of the shipper and the receiver with contact details
  • Number and date of issue of the pro-forma invoice
  • Description of goods in plain language and in sufficient detail
  • Quantity of goods, price per unit, total value of every position
  • Total value of goods
  • Currency
  • Country of origin of the goods (manufacturer name is not obligatory, but helpful)
  • The purpose for export (it is necessary to mention whether the shipment goes under the contract, or free of charge)
  • Payment terms (indicate: FREE, value for customs purposes only)
  • Delivery terms (Incoterms® 2010 Rules) in accordance with agreement
  • Number and date of agreement
  • Invoices should contain signature and stamp
  • The full value of the shipment including goods, insurance, shipping/freight charges plus any additional relevant charges must be declared

Pro-forma Invoice