Writing your export & import strategy

Taking the time to establish a clear and effective export & import strategy will be your key to success in international trade.

Your priority at all times should be to get your product to the marketplace without any additional activity from your customer. The process should be smooth, seamless and focused on delivering excellent customer service throughout. Reputations – and future ability to grow further – are won or lost on this alone.

Your strategy will rely on the following:

  • full commitment from your management team
  • thorough and comprehensive research into your chosen market
  • a training programme for your staff
  • a pricing strategy which factors in all shipping costs
  • clear terms of trade with your customers, including delivery and payment terms

Exporting and importing require a long-term commitment and you will need to nurture and maintain business relationships, build trust, and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to trade with confidence on an international basis. Once you’ve selected your target market, you will need to gain a deep understanding of that market – the idiosyncrasies of how to conduct business in a particular country, the specific requirements of potential customers, your competitors, and the available distribution channels.