Ireland ranked third in the list of the world’s most ‘globally connected countries’

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Posted by admin : Posted on November 25, 2016


DHL, the global logistics leader, has released the fourth edition of its Global Connectedness Index (GCI), a detailed analysis of the state of globalization around the world. The 2016 report shows that global connectedness, measured by cross-border flows of trade, capital, information and people, surpassed its 2007 pre-crisis peak during 2014. In 2015, globalization’s post-crisis expansion slowed, but the data indicates that it did not go into reverse. Currently available evidence – still preliminary in some areas – suggests that the world was about 8% more connected in 2015 than in 2005.

The Netherlands retains its top rank as the world’s most globally connected country, followed by Singapore and Ireland in third position.  All but two of the top 10 countries are in Europe, United Arab Emirates being the only other non-European country in the top 10.

Commenting on the results, Bernard McCarthy, Managing Director of DHL Express Ireland, said, “It is very positive that Ireland is ranked as the third most globally connected country in the world.  As a small open economy, our global connectedness is extremely important for Ireland. This is especially significant at a time when we are seeking to mitigate the impact of the UK’s Brexit decision and the more protectionist trade policies likely to be adopted by the incoming Trump administration in the USA.  Now more than ever it is in Ireland’s interest to diversify and embrace our wider global relations and trade and this report very much supports the fact that we are well positioned to do so.”

“Globalization has served as the world’s engine of progress over the past half century,” commented Deutsche Post DHL Group CEO Frank Appel. “The GCI documents that globalization has finally recovered from the financial crisis, but faces an uncertain future. It is imperative that policy makers and business leaders support an environment in which globalization can continue to flourish and improve the lives of citizens around the world.”

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