Re-inventing logistics to become emissions neutral is clearly a huge challenge. But we are optimistic that we can achieve this goal – with the help of new technologies, the dedication and expertise of our employees and through collaboration with our customers and partners.

Sustainability is a priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes. DHL Express can help you to improve your sustainability credentials. With our GoGreen services you can offer customers a climate neutral shipping option, contribute to projects which fight climate crisis and share transparent figures on your carbon footprint impact.

Climate Neutral Shipping

Climate neutral shipping works with projects to offset the emissions emitted during transporting shipments.

How does it work?
We calculate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced during handling and transportation of shipments, using a verified measurement process. To offset these emissions “Gold standard”, traceable carbon credits are bought from recognised climate protection projects to fully compensate the emissions emitted.

Choosing to do this will mean you can label your shipments as climate neutral and you will also receive an annual certificate stating the amount you compensated for greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Protection Projects

Carbon Footprint Reporting

Products have gone on a long journey before they reach the customer; carbon footprint reporting will support your business to share transparent figures about the environmental impact of your logistics.

With DHL you can choose from two report options:

  • Carbon Estimate Report – a high level view of your shipments’ greenhouse gas emissions. Or
  • Carbon Footprint Report – a detailed report of actual carbon emissions from DHL Express services, using advanced calculation methodology, enabling you to have visibility of, and manage, your own carbon emissions.

These GoGreen services aim to support businesses who want to better manage their carbon emissions to improve sustainability credentials.

More on GoGreen Services

For more information about our GoGreen services, speak to your Account Manager or contact our Business Advisors using the below contact details to discuss opening an account.

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